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About Our Founder

What Sets Her Apart?

Debborah Evraire has over 36 years of  professional expertise which ranges from Corporate Communications (branding, customized promotional products, marketing, content, online presence), Public Relations, Client Relations, Event Planning, Media Relations, Community Relations, Sponsorship, Contract Negotiations, Sales and Marketing, Public Speaking, Sales Training along with Human Resources/Recruitment expertise.

What comes first, passion or work?

This question has sparked an on-going debate. However, I have come to realize that passion is about doing great work. And through doing great work, you stumble across tasks that will lead you to what you excel at. This is where one learns what one is most passionate about. It’s about self-discovery. So over the last 32 years I have learned the following:

  • I thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment where self-motivation, innovation and team collaboration are key factors to success.
  • That building, maintaining and retaining relationships with colleagues as well as clients is a key building block to a solid foundation of a being considered a professional.
  • Thus far, I have invested 32 years towards my goal of building a solid base of knowledge and expertise. And there is still more to do!
  • My strengths combine a tireless work ethic, creativity, excellent organizational talents, and eagerness to always learn.
  • That maintaining a keen eye for details will set you apart from the pack.
  • I have come to understand that a legacy is built not just by your own efforts, but by ensuring that you surround yourself with good people; staying loyal to them and in return you earn their loyalty. This is how a common goal is reached.