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Blender Bottles – Breaking down boundaries!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, that now familiar sound, of “click; click; click” of a Blender Bottle.

My first sighting was passing by an athletic looking individual running through the mall on his way to the gym. He was blending a protein shake, in a Blender Bottle while in full stride!

I have to admit, that for some reason, I just equated this product to be for “serious athletes” only!   As it turns out – I was wrong!

The Blender Bottle has landed and it’s breaking all kinds of audience boundaries! You can go to any conference room and you will see that the blender bottle is replacing a lot of water bottles.

Whether you are taking in the great outdoors; participating in any sport; or simply choosing a healthy smoothie over a soda pop – a Blender Bottle has solidified its place in our everyday lives.

So it came as no surprise to me that people are also using their trusted Blender Bottle as a dependable kitchen utensil!   Whether making scrambled eggs, pancakes, salad dressing or mixing spices together for a spice rub, it’s clear that this product is versatile!

Companies are always looking for unique and versatile products to brand with their corporate logo. Here is an opportunity where product versatility doesn’t equate to being expensive.

Collage Creative has a selection of Shaker – Blender Bottles that are affordable and do not compromise on quality! Ready to break some audience boundaries?

Reach. Recall. Reaction.


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