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The Power of Promotional Products

Creative Packaging – What’s the impact?

Packaging is often the most important and most overlooked aspect of marketing – Debborah Evraire

Over and over again, I see missed opportunities where companies will invest in a promotional item; but forget to consider the power of the packaging.

Finishing off the item with some creative packaging allows for the client to “share or tell their story”.

The lack of creative packaging, I think, is more than a simple oversight.

  • I’m of the opinion that either the client is unaware that this option isn’t within their reach.
  • Or, that the challenge of coming up with something creative is too much of a daunting task.
  • Or, customized packaging is just too expensive to consider.
  • But the very worse? That creative packaging is considered to have little or no value!

Packaging is branding! 

Our ability in developing messaging power through packaging has brought added value to our client’s projects. Go the extra mile……it’s never crowded!

Reach. Recall. Reaction.

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