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Employee Recognition

Years of Service Awards

Companies with highly engaged employees generate more marketplace power than their competitors!

There is no greater motivator than simply acknowledging the good work done by your employees. This leads to retention of the highest qualified workforce to better accommodate customers and clients, lowers turnover and training costs, and truly deliver on your brand’s promise of excellence.

Employee recognition and customized corporate gifts can include:

  • Corporate Clothing
  • Custom Sculptures
  • Corporate Rings and/or Timepieces
  • Service Pins or Lapel Pins
  • Medals
  • Belt buckles
  • Paper casts
  • Plaques

Research and Surveys Confirm:

  • Recognition and rewards motivates employees.
  • Appropriate recognition at the appropriate time is the best practice that ultimately improves the performance in any organization. A Gallup poll found that 82% of employees say that recognition or praise they receive at work motivates them to improve their performance.
  • Employees who feel valued and trusted are more productive.
  • High performing employees will leave companies if they do not feel valued.
  • Create a positive work environment.
  • Motivate high performance
  • Reinforce desired behavior
  • Create a culture of recognition
  • Increase morale
  • Support organizational mission/values
  • Increase retention or decrease turnover
  • Encourage loyalty
  • Support a culture change

A successful recognition program can assist our clients in recognizing and rewarding the people that have made a difference in their organizations and provide an ROI for their company.

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