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Delegates Get the Edge on What’s New – But Will They Remember You?

Free promotional products can make a major difference in the level of exposure your company can garner for itself at a tradeshow. Unfortunately, more often than not, the decision on a promotional item give-away is an afterthought, and a key opportunity to set you and your company apart from everyone else is missed.

There are two sides to the tradeshow story…

The first is that of the exhibitor. What are your goals? Are you there to exhibit for awareness, generate leads, build partnerships, see current clients, network with industry vendors and colleagues, compete, support the industry or their association or to talk with a larger group of potential buyers at one time.

The other side of the story is that of the delegates. Their goals vary from networking with peers, to creating and strengthening relationships with suppliers, or to learn about new products and find solutions. They face 100’s of exhibitors. Will you stand out?

Collage Creative assists our clients with selecting strong tradeshow promotional items that connect the dots from the exhibitor to the delegate.

Reach. Recall. Reaction.